The Benefits of Being Part of The Agmatch Community


Agmatch enables farmers to trade with suppliers directly ultimately  increasing farm profitability. The more members we have the more savings there are for everyone.




Agmatch believes that a practical solution towards cost savings is for farmers to work together. We understand that 70% of the annual purchases on farms are known months out from the required date of use. With organisation Agmatch could save you thousands every year.

The majority of farmers do not compete with each other so there is seldom a conflict of interest in the pooling of requirements. This opens up the ability for members to use their collective volumes enabling increased bargaining power.

No matter what the size of your order discounted pricing can be attained anywhere from the smallest to the largest individual transactions.

We work hard to make sure you get the best pricing possible and quality seasonal deals. Call Ken on 021 337 626 or email us to discuss your requirements.




  • Farmer to farmer direct trading
  • Rural vendor to farmer trading
  • Manufacturer to farmer
  • Importer to farmer
  • Fill a container
  • Group buying/selling
  • Farmer to end user
  • Drive market pricing and values
  • Rural event calendar
  • Q & A community forum to ask for advice or feedback on ideas
  • Technical library links




An Agmatch membership brings farmers together on a dedicated rural trading site to buy and sell direct.




Agmatch suppliers include, fertilizer, insurance, drench, fuel, calf meal, milk powder, sheep/dairy pellets, meal, dog food, electricity, PKE, shed chemicals, tail paint and much more at very competitive prices.

We have systems that allow for easy ordering and order tracking.




Buying in volume ahead of time at the best possible price ensures savings are passed on to the farmer directly.

Group buying assists cash flow as deliveries can be monthly in volumes that work for members.

Group selling facilities also bring farmers and producers together gaining increased output volume enabling better prices and sales exposure  regardless of business size.




Agmatch aims to be the best ‘go to site’ for technical links for the rural market. One area will be an independent library of information with direct links back to the manufacturers, suppliers and various stockists. Questions and technical information can all be found with easy access along with comparisons to ensure the best product is used for every task. This will also be linked to the forums with farmer feedback.




There is also a series of forums where information can be shared across areas such as:

  • Where do I find a good contractor?
  • Feedback posts on experiences with service providers
  • How to approach a farming problem
  • Is a product any good or is it awful

Usually someone has already come across a similar issue and has already provided feedback on the Agmatch forum.  If not ask the question and there is a good chance you will get valuable responses.




In today’s farming business environment  it is essential to know the market from the source to the end user. Agmatch prides itself on this as we have been involved in sourcing, delivering and marketing for many years.  Agmatch is not involved in the trading itself which makes us truly independent and not distracted by self-interest.

We have assisted our suppliers with pricing information and alternative supply that has allowed them to offer product sustainably to our members at the right quality and price. Our measure of success stems from our primary interest which is for the best financial outcome of our members. If we achieve this then we are rewarded by increased membership.




To ensure farmer’s interests are represented Agmatch has formed a Farmer’s Council which is essentially a farmer advisory and watch dog group. Great care has been taken in choosing its members who are all currently farming.

The members include Rick Cameron, Richard Strowger, Greg Nelson, Justin Wilson, David Botting, Ken Algie and Ross Clark.

Agmatch membership is a flat fee of $500.00 (+GST) per annum

There are no other charges involved with an Agmatch membership – no percentages, no commissions, no rebates or free jackets or trips to Fiji. It is completely transparent.

A per annum member outlay of $500 plus GST gives you a full year of transactions and interactions within the site. There is no limit to how many times you use the Agmatch site or adds you can place.




Suppliers have to make a fair profit. If they don’t they will not be able to continue to offer their service or product.

Farmers need to make money as well and if farmers returns improve because of the hard work that they have put in to achieve these gains then they deserve to hold onto the surplus.

Agmatch is enabling free competition and market transparency for supplier and farmer where both can benefit. We are also allowing the smaller more nimble trader easy market access which is proving very effective.




Payment is made directly to the supplier and dependent on the their terms of trade sometimes charged to a card or subject to normal trading terms that the supplier operates with. In the case of farmer to farmer or farmer to the public trades an email with the method of payment will be sent on acceptance of the deal with bank account numbers etc. Agmatch will send the confirmation email with terms but will not accept any monies or be responsible for them. This is between buyer and seller.

There is also an independent secure trust account available to give certainty to the safety of trades if a member is entering into a transaction with another member that is unknown to them.

The funds are lodged by the buyer in the trust account before the product leaves the sellers care. The Supplier is given formal advice of receipt of the moneys in the TA when the product is shipped. Once received and accepted by the buyer the TA is authorised to release the monies to the seller. This system works as the buyer’s money is safe and the sellers risk is removed provided they supply as per the contract. We will make mediation available should it be needed. The Agmatch trading community to date has no defaults of any kind in trades or payments.

This account is held by a reputable accountancy firm.

In the 3 years Agmatch has been operating all trades have been successfully completed.

There is a trust points rating suppliers and traders on how trades are managed on a 0-5 star rating system so members can easily check reliability of sellers and buyers.

If the situation arises where the need to be pay for before dispatch arises there is a secure independent trust account available where funds can be placed so the buyer’s funds are safe and the seller is assured of payment before dispatch when goods are received the buyer will authorise the release of the funds.




Agmatch members can post offers of produce/goods to buy and sell within their own account. How this differs from other operators in the rural industry is that Agmatch does not trade itself but provides an easy to use low cost platform that allows farmers to trade from farmer to farmer/service provider in order to get the best deal available.

Agmatch has put in place a simple cost effective way to buy and sell stock, equipment, find help, clean up excess, and advertise for many other useful items or services, all within a solid trust system that gives you peace of mind.




Agmatch Suppliers can advertise, participate in tenders for farmers under the bulk buying section and upload product manuals and specials on our PDF library.

Agmatch offers Supplier’s opportunities of scale and delivers reduced cost for our farmers.




  • We offer assistance with negotiation services
  • Post marketing opportunities
  • Multiple  buy / sell  initiatives
  • Unity in negotiations
  • Actively chase better buying deals
  • Constantly review requirements
  • Work closely with suppliers to ensure better and sustainable pricing
  • If a market area is outside of what could be considered reasonable pricing we actively research and promote alternatives that are the right values
  • Our site is set up so members and suppliers can logon and upload adds, product information, products for sale wanted to buy. Our role is to provide the engine and keep it tuned and to provide assistance where necessary
  • The result is an easy to use cost effective site

Want to join Agmatch?  Click here to complete a registration form or for more information you can email us at