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The agricultural industry needed an effective lower cost, easy to use system where farmers could work together in both buying farm inputs and selling their end product, using combined numbers to gain better outcomes. Agmatch provides exactly that in a simple smart platform.

AGMATCH started as a result of direct farmer feedback, industry research and experience.  Many years of experience trading in the market assists our farmers members in improving their financial outcomes and productivity.

What we provide is a “do it yourself” means of trading farmer to farmer, farmer to supplier, farmer to public and farmer to processor with no added costs to the transaction.  This makes the AGMATCH system unbeatable and never before seen in the industry.

Check out our sister site, AGWOOL New Zealand. New Zealand Farmers providing and funding their wool to be made into high quality products in a fair and sustainable way. All businesses involved in the processing of garments or products receive a fair return for their work carried out.